Fitting Advice

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Tips & Tricks with AMOLUX Diamond Breast Forms

Going braless with AMOLUX Diamond breast forms AMOLUX Diamond breast forms aren't designed to attach to go braless. Instead, they're meant to hold themselves in place while wearing a bra or another tight fitting garment for additional support. Depending on your body's natural chemistry and the weight of the forms, you may or may not be able to go braless. We describe the forms as self-adhering rather than attachable for this reason. Not all of our...

Fitting Advice & How to Wear Divine Collection Athena Silicone Breastplate

As that our beautiful Divine Collection Athena breastplate is connected between the breasts, the artists at Divine Collection have created different frame sizes of breastplate for different sized bodies. This helps to create the most natural appearance possible when you are wearing Athena. IMPORTANT: The artists at Divine Collection are designing different frame sizes and breast sizes for the Athena breastplate. If the perfect size is not available for you yet, don't worry! It will...

25% off everything at The Breast Form Store