Blushing Secrets Blush Makeup Kit for Beginners


Blushing Secrets Blush Makeup Kit for Beginners


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  • Professional quality
  • Made in USA
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Our Flawless Beauty Foundation Kit contains:
  • Blush Glow Powder Blush
  • Blush Brush

All of our cosmetics are professional makeup artist quality and made in America.

Due to sanitary reasons, we are unable to accept any returns on makeup or makeup brushes except in cases where the item is faulty or is damaged in transit.

For more information, please read our shipping & returns information.

  1. Clean your skin and apply your foundation, eye make-up, and lip colour. Allow for the foundation and mascara to completely dry.
  2. Looking in a mirror, smile. This will help define the apples of your cheeks, which will be where you primarily apply your blush.
  3. Using your blush brush, gently swirl the brush across your Colour Swirl Blush palette. Tap off any excess powder into a sink, paper towel, or back in to the container.
  4. Test the colour on the inside of your wrist before applying it to your cheeks.
  5. Using our ‘smile’ trick, gently tap the apples of your cheeks with the tip of the brush. Tap off your brush again prior to blending to ensure that you get the best results.
  6. Blend the blush outwards and into your foundation by moving the brush in a circular pattern with very light pressure. Gently sweep the blush brush along your cheek bones for more definition or only highlight your apples for a youthful glow.
  7. Advanced Girls: Gently sweep your blush up in a C shape starting from the apples of your cheeks up past your temples towards your hairline. This will help define your face shape while bringing attention to your eyes and lips.
  8. For additional colour, gently swipe your blush brush across your forehead and chin in a soft, side-to-side movement. Follow through with a very light brushing of the blush down your nose. Only use more powder if absolutely necessary.
  9. If finished with your blush, clean your brush using a gentle shampoo. Finish by using our Perfect Finish Setting Spray to hold your make-up in place without smearing or smudging.
  • Apply blush before using foundation or bronzer for a more natural, sun-kissed look.
  • A little amount of blush can go a very long way. Be very careful to only use the least amount of blush as possible to prevent looking too ‘fake’.
  • Apply a small amount of blush along your cleavage for a youthful, rosy look.


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