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Heal & Conceal Concealer

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  • Professional quality
  • Vitamin rich
  • Great for sensitive skin
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Eliminate signs of beard stubble, soothe irritated and oily skin, and conceal blemishes with our two-in-one concealer! Increase your chances of passing and feel more confident while helping hide and fight blemishes with our acne-fighting concealer, Heal & Conceal. This blemish buster keeps pimples and razor burn undercover while treating them at the same time. This sheer, waterproof and vitamin-rich concealer is great under or over makeup, and is perfect for hiding beard stubble. With a strong yet gentle formula that helps to close and shrink pores and prevent future breakouts, Heal & Conceal eliminates whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and other blemishes, and is great for sensitive skin.

Heal & Conceal features an acne-drying formula that is vitamin and botanical rich and naturally heals acne blemishes while absorbs oily shine and blemishes. With DermaSoft Natural Dermatology, Heal & Conceal uses the natural antiseptic and antibacterial tea tree oil to combat pimples and acne, often used by dermatologists. It also uses the powerful anti-oxidants vitamins C & E, which enhance the healing process by reducing inflammation and help to stop future outbreaks, and vitamin B complex, which encourages a healthy complexion while leaving skin with a radiant, beautiful look. Convenient compact 1.4 oz / 40g tube.

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  1. Wash and exfoliate your face. Using a moisturizing shaving cream and a new razor, shave your face and neck, leaving your skin smooth and soft. Rinse your face with cool to warm water, and pat dry with a clean, soft towel. Apply a moisturizer, if desired.
  2. Tie any hair that falls in your face or close to your face back with hair ties and pins for the cleanest and easiest makeup application.
  3. Using a clean sponge or a concealer brush, apply a small amount of Heal & Conceal to the apples of your cheeks, where your beard stubble is the lightest. Gently move the concealer down across your cheeks, chin, and neck to where your beard stubble is, softly blending outwards. Apply a thicker amount on areas that require additional coverage.
  4. Dab the concealer on any spots or blemishes that require additional coverage, such as scars or pimples.
  5. Let Heal & Conceal completely dry before applying any other makeup. Use a powdered foundation for anywhere where Heal & Conceal has been used. Do not use a liquid foundation, which may smudge or smear the concealer. Create dimension on your cheeks by using a blush.
  6. Clean your concealer brush and/or sponge and continue with your makeup routine.

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