Moisturising Lipstick


Moisturising Lipstick


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These luscious, moisturising lipsticks are sure to bring attention to your lips! Developed with vitamin E oil to help condition your lips, our sensuous, Moisturising Lipsticks not only give you the appearance of beautifully coloured, softer and smoother lips but help heal and prevent cracking and dryness during harsh weather conditions. Moisturising Lipsticks are available in a matte finish that’s sure to go with any wardrobe choice, or in a pearl finish for added shine. Our Moisturising Lipsticks are sure to leave your lips feeling kissably soft!

All of our cosmetics are professional makeup artist quality and are made in America.

Due to sanitary reasons, we are unable to accept any returns on makeup or makeup brushes except in cases where the item is faulty or is damaged in transit.

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  1. Prepare your skin: Clean your skin and apply your foundation and eye makeup. Allow for the foundation and mascara to completely dry.
  2. Prevent colour bleeding: Begin by placing a small dot with our Indelible Line Lip Liner on the center of your bottom lip at the very outside edge, the point where the coloured part of your lips blend meet your skin. Place another dot at the center of your upper lip on the very outside edge, along with two dots at the tips of the points of your lips (one dot for each point).
  3. Continue to make single dots along the very outside of your lips, starting with the ‘Cupid’s bow’, your upper lip.
  4. With a careful hand, begin to slowly connect the dots with an even pressure. Open your mouth wide in an ‘O’ face for an easier, more even application. The more you practice and apply lip liner, the less dots you may require.
  5. Apply a complimenting shade of lipstick. Use the lip liner lines as a guide to where your lipstick should stop, to help prevent bleeding and feathering while ensuring that your lip colour looks full and natural.
  6. Blot your lipstick using a tissue. This removes anywhere where your lipstick has been applied too thick. To blot, simply close your mouth on the edge of the tissue and softly roll your lips in and out. If necessary, blot two or three times.
  7. Shape and define your lips: Using your Indelible Line lip liner, gently begin to outline your lips again, paying special attention to any areas that have an uneven edge or require additional shaping. Be sure to use a softer pressure when applying lip liner to the corners of your mouth; a thick, heavy-handed application in the corners of your mouth shrinks the size of your mouth and makes your face look more severe.
  8. If finished with your lipstick and lip liner, clean your brush (if used). Continue on with your makeup routine.
  • If one lip is naturally more full-looking than the other, use a slightly lighter shade of lipstick on the thinner lip. If you naturally have very large, full lips, don’t apply lip liner again after applying lipstick.
  • For a brighter, more red lip, gently apply a thin layer of foundation to your lips. Outline your lips with your lip liner as usual, and then proceed to fill in the entirety of your lip with your Lip Perfect Automatic Lip Liner. This creates a very strong, red base for your lips before applying your bold, red lipstick, and is sure to make the lip colour seem more vibrant. Apply your lipstick and lip liner as usual.
  • If you have an uneven lip shape, carefully apply the lip liner outside of your lips to even out any unbalanced areas and to gently add volume to your lips.
  • After or eating or drinking everything, be sure to check your lips. Make sure that your lipstick and lip liner are intact, and no lipstick ended up on your teeth.


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