NipSticks Nipple Adhesive

NipSticks Nipple Adhesive

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  • Washable and reusable
  • Will not damage breast forms or Naughty Nipples
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Transparent
  • Made in Canada


NipSticks are 1 3/4 inch diameter circles made of a reusable adhesive material that is very sticky. They are sold 6 adhesive discs per package. They are the perfect adhesive to attach our Naughty Nipples.

NipSticks remain flexible, moving with your skin — no chipping or cracking. Washing rejuvenates the adhesive. Now you can attach Naughty Nipples to your body! Naughty Nipples and NipSticks make a great gift for ALL girls.

  • They are washable and reusable
  • Use to hold Naughty Nipples to your body or breast forms
  • Attach Naughty Nipples over your nipples and add nipple rings!
  • NipStick will not damage breast forms or Naughty Nipples2
  • Use with Skin Tac Wipes for extra adhesion to your body
  • So comfortable you will never know it is there

*Not suitable for foam or cloth covered breast forms

Simply attach NipSticks to our Naughty Nipples then to the breast form or your body! NipSticks must be very clean and dry to adhere properly. Your skin and breast forms must also be very clean and free of oils and creams. NipSticks cannot adhere to unclean surfaces. For extra strong adhesion, use Skin Tac Wipes.

Important Notes:

  • NipSticks will not work with silicone nipples. It was exclusively designed for our Naughty Nipples. It is not suitable for attaching to foam or cloth covered breast forms, either.
  • When using NipSticks with our Naughty Nipples, pinching the nipple end of the Naughty Nipple will create suction. If you do this when attaching the nipple to your body the suction may cause a red patch on your skin or irritation of your nipples. It is best just to let the natural adhesion work (no suction necessary), when attaching nipples to your body. For a really strong bond, use our Skin Tac Wipes.
  • We have not had reports of skin irritation, however, should NipSticks cause irritation, immediately discontinue use.

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  1. Anon Ymous
    1 out of 5

    Anon Ymous

    too thick to hold the false nipples close to my skin.

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