Save 5% with SmartUK coupon code

We reward your patience – save 5% with our “SmartUK” coupon code

We reward your patience in our Crossdresser Shop!

If you allow us to ship your order within 14 days, we will grant a special discount of 5% on the displayed price on selected products from our Divine and Gold Seal NAKED collection.

If you see “save another 5% now” on the product page, you can get 5% instant discount on the cart value of this item. Just enter the coupon code “SmartUK” in the shopping cart.

Why do we offer this special discount? If you give us 14 days to ship your order, we can better plan our inventory and reduce our freight costs. We are happy to pass this cost advantage on to our customers if they have a little patience. So for special orders we will add 14 days to the standard delivery time of about 3 weeks.

But this is only an offer. Of course we are normally able to deliver our most popular products immediately.