Shipping Information

Shipping & VAT Information

Where will my order be shipped from?

Since July 15, 2021, we have been shipping all orders exclusively from our shipping center in Germany. The move of our European shipping center from the UK to Germany unfortunately became necessary due to Brexit.

When is my order free of shipping costs?

Orders of £ 130 or more will be shipped free of charge.

What are the shipping costs from Germany to the United Kingdom?

We charge a flat shipping fee of £ 9,50 for all deliveries to the UK. For small orders, we will automatically reimburse the difference to the actual costs.

Why are the prices displayed on the website excluding VAT?

The export from Germany to the United Kingdom is VAT free. Therefore we do not charge VAT.

The carrier will take care of UK customs clearance. On or before delivery, the carrier will collect the UK import duties from the recipient.

What are the final cost of my purchase?

In addition to the purchase price you have to pay to the carrier UK duties, VAT and a small handling charge. We guarantee to you the maximum additional charges. Find out more about additional charges.