Gold Seal Classic 2 Attachable Breast Forms – Concave Backside

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  • Guaranteed to stay attached
  • Reinforced back for attaching
  • Makes shoulders appear smaller
  • Moves and feels just like natural breasts
  • Made in USA

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Gold Seal Classic attachable breast forms are made exclusively for The Breast Form Store and fit left and right. They mold to your chest, with or without a bra, and the shape fully fills your bra cup, no empty side or puckered top. The asymmetrical style features left and right shapes for a truly perfect fit! The extension toward the underarm adds a natural fullness while making your shoulders appear smaller and more feminine.

Why we love it!

  • Guaranteed to stay attached or we’ll send you more tapes!
  • Fits left and right and makes shoulders appear smaller
  • Reinforced back for attaching
  • Super Soft silicone that moves and feels just like natural breasts
  • Naturally weighted
  • One year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • SuperSoft silicone
  • Warms to your body for the most natural experience
  • Go braless — guaranteed! Designed to withstand the use of our medical-grade double-sided tapes.
  • Double-strength membrane on the back of the breast forms designed for use with adhesives
  • Can also be worn in a bra
  • Built in nipple


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