25% off everything at The Breast Form Store

Testimonial from BethAnne

Thanks for all your assistance over the phone, the shipment arrived on Monday. I wore my new Amoena's the rest of the day and all the next, taking off my bra that evening and wearing them under a tight, stretch top. Their weight and movement is incredible and so realistic. They're everything I dreamt of and so much more, thank you so much.

Testimonial from RH

Thank you for having a great company. Everything you claim is true. It is great doing business with a company like yours... Some female friends say they feel better than the real ones. (the above about the Amoena attachable forms.)

Quote from Stephanie

I've had your Amoena for some time now and I absolutely love them and have given your website to 23 different people, please continue with your business!!!!

Nipples testimonial from Mindi

My nipples came yesterday. They are wonderful. I would also like to tell you how much I love the Amoena breast forms that I purchased from you in April. I wear them often and can't imagine wearing any other type. It has been nice doing business with you over the past couple of years. You have been great and your service has been super. I look forward to doing business with you again soon.

25% off everything at The Breast Form Store