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Testimonial from Darla

Just received my breast form order and put them right on. They fit as if they were made from a body mold! At first I though the concave back would not work but they fit right on better than the other two sets I have. No ridges, just perfect! Wearing the gaff now and it too works better than I expected. WIll give you a report later as customer feedback. Thank You.

Testimonial from Linda

The Gaffs arrived Monday. Thank you for the quick service. I was a bit doubtful when I first looked at them. But after trying one on, it does work!! Thanks again. :)

Testimonial from Jamie

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I had my first outing en femme last weekend and wore my new breast forms and gaff for the first time. They were amazing and the size was perfect. I cannot thank you enough for your help and guidance. I was also very pleased with the gaff and fully intend to buy a second one. It didn't look like much but does exactly what you...

Testimonial from Duncan

I got the gaff I ordered from you the other day. It is the most comfortable undergarment I now own. It gives that good flat look I've been searching for. Thank you for your patience with me. I will definitely being doing more business with you in the future. Thanks again.

Testimonial from Frank

I purchased one of your gaffs a couple of weeks ago. It hides every thing comfortably. I at first thought the back would be to wide for my butt cheeks. The gaff fits very nicely and I fell secure and well hidden while wearing it. Thanks for offering such a wonderful product.

Testimonial from Jess

You are just quite amazing! Maybe even magical!!! In just a day and a half, I have already received your package containing the gaff, those cute nipples, tape and glue. It takes longer than that for local mail around here!!! My new breasts should be here soon, too, I'm sure. I am impressed, as usual, with you and how well managed your business is. Your ethical way of serving your customers is so rare, these days, and it is...

Testimonial from Sherry

Received my new forms today! They were perfect, and my next set will come from you. I appreciated the confidential packaging, and next time I'll order them instead of having my spouse do it. The gaff was a perfect fit as well, and will order more very soon. Again, thanks, your service was what it was reputed to be and I'll gladly recommend you.


just received my first order, pink gaffs. i am a pre op ts and have been looking for this product for a while. your gaffs are very good quality, they fit perfectly and they help to make me look very feminine. thank you

25% off everything at The Breast Form Store