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Testimonial from Tammy

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your great service and product. Last week on Monday I phoned you regarding a pair of TRANSFROM Classic I forms. You were very courteous and patient when I had some questions about the I vs II, and were very concerned that the size I was requesting would be the right size for my frame. When I mentioned that I wished to have them by Thursday,...

Testimonial from Dena

Thank you for the fast and friendly service. I got my breast forms today. The TRANSFORM Triangles Super Softare everything you said they would be and more. They fit perfect and girls forget the teardrops, the triangle form I will never do without. Thanks again and see you again soon.

Testimonial from Alicia

Thank you for your time suggestions, and patience. I got my TRANSFORMs Tuesday, and they feel so wonderfully warm. In fact I was insistent on a size 5 your suggestion of a size 6 was a wonderful suggestion. I put my forms on Tuesday night and they make me feel so feminine, and the size is just right. in fact the size you gave me has a sliming effect. I had a pair a friend gave...

Quote from Ardena

I was very impressed with your service when I ordered the TRANSFROM Classic I. Thank you!!!

Testimonial from Lisa Winkie Face

I just wanted to say thank you! My breast forms arrived today - TRANSFORM Classic I Super Soft. You have no idea how great I feel. I've never owned a pair of forms before. I've always done the bra stuffing thing and have never been satisfied. I feel so much more feminine now; it's almost like they are a part of my body, that's how natural they feel. This is a huge psychological boost for...

Transform testimonial from Lynda

My name is Lynda and I recieved my new Classic I Super Soft breastforms in size 9 and they are wonderful. I have just bought two new bras for them and they look spectacular! They are so soft and they move like real breasts. This is my second set of forms from you and the service and products are superb! I could hug you all! Thanks again for your help in making us girls feel really...

Testimonial from Anon

I am delighted with the Natural Look breast forms, they feel as if they are my own breasts its amazing. You have some great products for the cross dresser at very reasonable prices.

25% off everything at The Breast Form Store