Nipples Testimonial from Sheila Winkie Face

I am ordering nipples to go along with my new breast forms! OH MY GOSH!!, for the first time in my life, I feel like I have real breast!! These’s are answered prayers! I have stuffed my bra with panties, stockings, and tissue, hoping to get the true form of real feminine breast, always with some deform.:( I just purchased a sexy lace bra and I feel like such a woman, the way these breast feel so real! I feel, for the first time, that I could go in public and feel confident! Let me not kid you, I am not blessed with a real feminine figure, I was only blessed with a feminine brain. These breast help my brain feel more normal, giving me a feature I have always longed for! I feel like the woman, I have been since birth, I always fantasize of being!!:) Thank you and I can’t wait to receive my nipples, to put the icing on the grand cake!! PS: Thank you, you are the BEST! Love.