Lipstick tips

Lipstick tips

Andrea TBFS |

Using lipstick effectively is an essential part of makeup for many crossdressers. Here are some tips on how to use lipstick to enhance your feminine appearance:

  1. Prep Your Lips:

    • Start with smooth, well-hydrated lips. Exfoliate your lips gently to remove any dead skin, and apply lip balm to moisturize.
  2. Choose the Right Lip Liner:

    • Lip liner helps define your lips and prevents lipstick from feathering or bleeding. Choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick or is a shade slightly darker.
  3. Lip Liner Application:

    • Start by outlining your lips from the center of your upper lip to the outer corners. Then, do the same for your lower lip.
    • You can slightly overline your lips if you want to create the illusion of fuller lips. However, be subtle to keep a natural look.
    • Fill in your lips with the lip liner, as this provides a good base for the lipstick.
  4. Choosing Lipstick:

    • Select a lipstick shade that complements your skin tone and your overall makeup look. Classic reds, pinks, and neutrals are popular choices.
    • Matte lipsticks tend to have a longer-lasting finish, while satin or glossy lipsticks can give a more luscious appearance.
  5. Applying Lipstick:

    • Start by applying lipstick to the center of your upper lip and follow the natural curve of your lip line. Move towards the corners of your mouth.
    • Blot your lips together gently to distribute the color evenly.
    • Repeat the process on your lower lip, following its natural shape.
    • Use a lip brush for precise application if desired.
  6. Blotting and Layering:

    • To make your lipstick last longer, blot your lips gently with a tissue to remove excess product. Then, apply a second layer of lipstick.
  7. Clean-Up:

    • Correct any mistakes with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover. This can help sharpen your lip lines for a cleaner look.
  8. Finishing Touch:

    • For a polished finish, use a small, soft brush or your fingertip to apply a bit of highlighter or a light, shimmery eyeshadow to the center of your lower lip. This creates the illusion of fuller lips.
  9. Maintain and Reapply:

    • Lipstick may need touch-ups throughout the day or evening, especially after eating or drinking. Carry your lipstick and a small mirror for quick touch-ups.
  10. Experiment and Practice:

    • Achieving the perfect lip look may require some experimentation and practice. Try different shades and techniques to find what works best for you.

Remember that makeup is an art, and your lipstick application may improve with practice. Be patient, and most importantly, choose lipstick shades and styles that make you feel confident and beautiful.

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