Custom Skin HERA - customize our ultra-realistic breast forms

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Custom Skin HERA - customize our ultra-realistic breast forms - 4 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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  • General delivery time is 3 - 5 days
  • (*) Customization with a lead time of about 4 weeks (only deposit payment required when placing your order)
  • (**) Special order with a lead time of 2 - 3 weeks

Get the ultimate breast forms and customize them!

  • You won´t believe they are not real
  • Customizable Skin & Nipples

More about Hera breast forms

  • Lifelike silicone skin creates the most realistic breast forms to touch and feel
  • Hundreds of customization options for your personal unique breast forms
  • Squishy silicone gel creates natural bounce and movement, just like real breasts
  • Self-adhering Hera breast forms can be worn with non-pocketed bras
  • Safe to sleep design possible with breakthrough technology
  • Fits ALL body types
  • Handcrafted in Canada by skilled artisans
  • FREE care kit included

This item is sold as a pair. This item cannot be purchased as a single breast form.

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Hera breast forms crossdresser
Divine Collection

Custom Skin HERA - customize our ultra-realistic breast forms

From £514.00 GBP £689.00

Hera breast forms

NEW FREE SERVICE - order HERA sample kit

The Divine Collection proudly presents the ultimate in realistic breast forms, exclusively available at The Breast Form Store. The bouncy Hera breast forms. These breast forms represent a breakthrough in perfection, crafted from soft silicone that feels incredibly lifelike, mimicking the movement of natural breast tissue. They feature a skin-like finish that seamlessly integrates with your body, resulting in stunning cleavage. What sets Hera breast forms apart is their versatility – they are safe for sleep, swimming, makeup application, and even wearing with push-up bras. In essence, these breast forms can do it all, eliminating the need for compromises.

Named after the Queen of the Gods, Hera breast forms are unquestionably the most realistic and natural-looking breast forms worldwide. They are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans to deliver a new level of innovation and realism. These exceptionally soft and responsive silicone breasts from the Divine Collection cater to crossdressers, transgender women living full-time, and anyone desiring a fuller bust. Their unique design accommodates individuals with a flat chest wall, those with naturally developed breast tissue, and everyone in between.

Looking for a darker skin tone or you want to add veins and freckles? Simply add your preferred customization option.

Comes with a useful care set plus a decorative storage box with storage cradle to keep your breast form protected and in shape.




Hera breast forms

Hera breast forms

Hera breast forms

Hera breast forms

Hera breast forms

Hera breast forms

Hera breast forms

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